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A Little Inside-Humor by @DanielleEBowers

Very clever, @DanielleEBowers, very clever. *Tips hat*

Husbands Cake by @Cariz36

If there was a Husbands wedding in real life, our fans would have the reception cakes and desserts covered! Check out this delectable cake by @Cariz36

Chibi Cheeks is in the Kitchen with @Stitch84

What do you think Cheeks is whipping up for his hubby? Looks tasty whatever it is! Thanks, @Stitch_84!

Husbands, Manga-style by @Horopigion

@Horopigion, from Japan, shows us what our Husbands would look like if they were in a manga comic! Kawaii!

Husbands Treats by @ThirdLamb

@ThirdLamb, from Japan, shows us that fan art can be as delicious to eat as it is to look at. Check out this assortment of edible Husbands goodies. Mmmmm….

Husbands WIP by @TerryBlas

Here are some works-in-progress by artist @TerryBlas. If they look this good now, we can’t wait to see how the final versions will be!


Thanks to our INCREDIBLE FANS who make Husbands possible. Draw, write, record? Send your Husbands inspired work to

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